Thursday, July 19, 2007

Beware of Hatfield Restorations

I was unfortunate enough to take my antique vehicle which was a family herloom to be restored at:

Hatfield Restoration
1534 FM 2909
Canton, TX 75103

Owner: Gary Hatfield

When things were taking much to long to finish, I told the owner, Gary, that I would just pick up my vehicle. When I arrived, the car was in shambles and the most expensive parts of the vehicle were mysteriously missing. After giving Gary of Hatfield Restorations the benefit of the doubt, I called several weeks later to see about VERY EXPENSIVE antique missing parts. Unsurprisingly, Gary had still not located them.

Even though I brought the car in with detailed pictures of these parts, Gary Hatfield, made NO attempt to find out who had stolen these parts while they were in his possession.

Please beware of taking your family heirlooms to Hatfield Restorations. In my opinion, they are not trustworthy or responsible enough to be entrusted with these items.